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Learn balance, foot placement, sport safety, how to push and pump, the right way to fall and even how to drop in!  Skateboarding is a healthy, non-competitive sport that can be done anytime, by oneself or with others.  It is a great means of physical activity that will increase muscle strength and endurance, and help improve coordination, focus and control.  

Since kids find skateboarding so cool, they spend a lot of time practicing which promotes individuality and creativity.  They will gain many skills including:  persistance, determination, self confidence, independence, goal setting and achieving, and a sense of accomplishment.

Skateboarders will continuously learn new tricks and in turn enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.  By connecting wtih people who share similar interests, they will make new friends and develop social skills and respect for others.

Times and Rates:

  • Saturdays...10am and 11am
  • Sundays...12pm and 1pm
  • $15 for one hour lessons
  • Please call if you need an alternative appointment

The more time they spend practicing in the driveway...the more quite time you have with out them!